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We create cohesive visual brand identities & user-friendly websites for busy business owners.

You have a big vision for your business, however you can’t quite figure out what you need to do with your website to connect with your audience, tell your story, and allow you to reach that next level.

We are here to help you turn your vision into a visual story that tells what you're all about. We create cohesion in your branding and marketing, articulate your creative vision into something unique for your business. Attract your target audience, book more clients, and convert more leads into sales. Get a plan for your website to help grow your business.

“Before my doors were even open for business, I had several new clients lined up for the first week. My website is my main source of advertising. I consistently hear from clients that they chose to contact me because of the design, readability, and content of the website.”


– Kirk Beasse, Registered Psychologist in Victoria, BC


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Let us help you create a beautiful look & feel for your brand and website experience. Your brand design includes everything from the logo, typography, colour palette, patterns, textures, full copyright & design files. Your website includes a custom WordPress website that is responsive to desktop, tablet and mobile, SEO optimized, and easy to update. Our streamlined design process includes a branding and website strategy, logo, brand design, newsletter integration, and a fully-customized, user-friendly, responsive WordPress website.


how it works

Our Process

Our signature process helps you to get launched on-time and on-budget and each client knows what to expect along the way. We handle the project management to ensure we’re on the right track.

01. Project Inquiry

After you contact us, we send you more information about working with us and we schedule a consultation call to see if we’re a good match for working together. You fill out a questionnaire about your goals and we answer any questions you have about working together.

02. Consultation Call

Solid relationships and quality customer service are key in our business. We will hop on a Skype call together to personally connect and to gather the information we need for a solid understanding of your business, your goals, your target audience, and your requirements. We will review our process from idea to launched website. We’ll be working together for many months so we want to make sure we’re the right fit.

03. Estimate + Service Agreement + Deposit

We will provide you with an estimate of the work to be done, approximate schedule and timelines, deliverables, and the ins-and-outs of working together. Once we have signed the Service Agreement, a deposit is required to reserve your project spot in our calendars so we don’t overbook our projects. We only take on a limited number of clients to ensure each client gets the individual attention required for each project.

04. Onboarding

We will set up your client workspace and files. You will get started on collecting the project requirements including a thorough Brand Workbook that will be used as a guide for our design decisions.

05. Strategy Session

This is the most important step in the process. We spend a lot of time listening to your needs before we jump in. Just like a building, a website needs a solid blueprint. Together we’ll determine what will make this project a success, establish a vision for your brand, and how we’re going to get there. The strategy session allows us to understand your goals and your audience. This sets the entire vision for the brand before we start designing.

06. Logo & Brand Design

Based on the information from the Strategy Session, we start designing your logo, and your brand collateral. We take your vision and transform it into something that visually represents your business and that will appeal to your ideal customer. We create a colour palette, carefully select typography, design patterns and textures, and brand collateral pieces including business cards, newsletter design, social media banners, or other marketing items of your choice.

07. Website Design

We create a site map and outline what goes where on each page with sketches or wireframes. We then add your logo, brand colours, font system, and imagery to create images of what the website will look like when it’s live. We discuss how the website will work to ensure your website is user-friendly and has a clear call to action.

08. Website Development

Once you have signed off on the branding and website design, your site will be programmed. We create a custom WordPress website that is user-friendly, responsive, mobile-friendly, and uses best SEO practices so it can be found by search engines. At the end of this phase, you will be review and approve a live test site before we launch the final website.

09. Project Wrap-Up

Congrats! Your brand & website are now live! You will receive a copy of all final files for your project. We provide 30 day support for our projects so we can answer any questions you have after launch. We will discuss maintenance plans as you’re welcome to hire us to do your website maintenance post-launch. We’d love to continue to support your business grow.


what you’ll get

Our Package

We customize a package for each client as every business is different and has unique marketing needs. Contact us so we can figure out what is best for your business. Our base package includes the following items:

Custom Logo Design

We create a custom logo that is unique to your business and that makes your business easily recognizable among your competition. This includes a primary logo, a secondary logo, and branding submarks or icons.

Unique Brand Design

We create custom patterns and textures, carefully select typography, and create a colour palette that beautifully represents you and your brand.

Marketing Items

Each business has unique marketing needs. You choose three (3) marketing items including: newsletter template, note cards, thank you cards, business cards, social media banners, blog image template, stickers, packaging design, one-page PDF document, or other marketing items as agreed upon.

Branding Guidelines

We create a document for you to reference and share with your team to ensure marketing consistency with your colours, typography, and brand elements.

Website Design

We create a site map, wireframes, and detailed mockups for your website. We discuss placement of items, functionality, and ensure your website has a very user-friendly experience.

Website Development

We code your website to the agreed upon mockups and ensure we’ve implemented on-page SEO, have a backup plan in place, and ensure you are comfortable updating your website.

Brand Support

Even after your project is launched, we’re here to support and continue to work with you. Monthly packages can be customized to meet your needs.

Having worked with many different groups to make sites, it’s been a real joy to have someone who is a super capable graphic designer and well versed in web development as it significantly shortens turn around time, and make communication on and alignment much simpler.


– Sean Bender, Co-Founder Phoenix Labs


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