Bits of Bee is a blog about travel, family, and food. The writing has evolved from a personal blog, to a parenting blog, and now is looking to be a central website to showcase Bianca’s professional writing pieces to get hired for high-profile publications, especially for her travel writing.


Bianca is looking to rebrand her personal website (blog) in order to get hired for professional writing opportunities with various well-known publishers. She is looking to rebrand from the cute mom blog style to a more mature and professional look that showcases her successful portfolio of published works. Collaboratively, we created a professional and cohesive logo, brand, and marketing materials. The goal of the new branding is to elevate her professional image to help her continue to get hired for her writing.


The goals of this project is to create a logo, brand, and marketing collateral to reflect a more professional brand and position Bianca to get hired for travel writing, business content creation, and her writing services.


Professional, friendly, connecting people with experiences through words, sharing, passionate, trustworthy, optimistic, down-to-earth.

Inspiration board

Bits of Bee // Inspiration Moodboard

Sketching & Planning

Colour Palette

Bits of Bee // Colour Palette // Erica Houston

The main colour palette for the Bits of Bee brand are midnight, slate, mist, and a splash of golden honey as a friendly, creative, and approachable accent colour. The midnight colour, in coordination with the greys, allow the brand to be professional, dependable, and trustworthy. White is also a dominate colour with the brand to make it feel light, modern, and inspirational.

Logo & Branding

The primary logo for the Bits of Bee brand is the word mark “Bits of Bee” combined with Bianca’s name & title for instant brand recognition of who she is and what she does. The flying bee around the circle gives a hint of the travel theme in order for Bianca to focus on more travel writing on her blog.

Bits of Bee Logo and Brand Design

Website Graphics


Bits of Bee // Typography // Erica Houston


Bits of Bee // Logo with Gradient // Erica Houston

Bits of Bee Stamp Logo // Designed by Erica Houston

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