The Botto Team - Logo Before and After


Jasmine and Grant Botto are a Reality team in North Vancouver with over 25 years experience in Real Estate.

The Botto Team were looking to update their visual identity including logo, business cards, post cards, and more. Their marketing materials are distributed throughout neighbourhoods, at community events, email newsletters, and newspaper advertising. Their goal was to connect with their potential clients via paper advertising methods.

The result was a black and white logo creating a more distinguished look for the team. The rebrand took about 3 months and the result is a more consistent look across their touch points with their clients in the community. We are currently updating more marketing materials as new community events arise.

Target Client

The Botto Team are hoping to target:

  • Primarily couples
  • 30-40 years old
  • Household income of $150k+/year
  • May have children or planning to have children in the near future. – May be first time home buyers or looking to upgrade their current home
  • Buying single, detached house on the North Shore, specifically Lynn Valley
Branding Keywords

*Our top 5 branding keywords to focus our design decisions on were:

Professional. Friendly. Trustworthy. Knowledgable. Client-Focused.

Moodboard & Visual Direction

The Botto Team Moodboard

The moodboard allows us to set the tone and intention for the branding direction. All branding decisions are made based on if they compliment the overall visual style of the branding.

Logo Design

A company needs a logo for various reasons. It helps identify your company and create a positive first impression about you and your business. It’s your visual voice to your customer and often is the first link your customers have to your business. A logo should be distinct from others in your industry to help you stand out and communicate a positive message about you. It can help build trust so your clients choose you over your competitor.

Our Logo Design Process
Step #1: Research & Creative Brief

The first step in the process is ensuring I understand what the client is looking for and their goals. I research their top competitors and what others are doing in their industry. We want to ensure that the logo is unique to the industry and will stand out among their competitors.

Step #2: Logo Sketches & Initial Concepts

I start by sketching out ideas on paper and let the ideas flow. It helps to walk away and revisit the designs later that day or the next day and get a fresh set of eyes on it. Then it’s time to get ideas on to the computer either by drawing on a tablet or in Illustrator. I let the ideas flow and don’t yet start censoring ideas. I work in black and white first to ensure that I focus on the overall concept and not get distracted by colours just yet. The [ugly!] process looks something like this:
The Botto Team - Logo Drafts

I pick my top 3 designs I think speaks best to the goals of the project and the target audience. I present and explain our rationale for the design, show how the logos help achieve our goals, and we discuss any changes we’d like to make.
The Botto Team - Logo Drafts

Step #3 & #4: Revisions & Colour Concepts

I work on the revisions and start to add colour. I present to the client again, we try a few different ideas and colours, and then refine the details.
The Botto Team Logo Revisions

Step #5: Revisions

I present the revisions and the client will sign off on the final design.

Step #6: Logo Design – Finalize Files

I finalize the logo design and make sure everything is pixel perfect.

The Botto Team Final Logo

Step #7: The Final Results

I deliver the final files in the appropriate file formats for the client so they can use on all their future marketing projects. The final files are delivered in various sizes and formats, including black and white as well as colour versions. EPS, PNG, JPG, and AI files are the most common formats.

The Botto Team Final Logo

The Botto Team - Business Cards

The Botto Team - Letterhead

The Botto Team - Marketing Materials

The Botto Team - Outdoor Signage

The Botto Team - Bus Shelter Advertising in Lynn Valley

The Botto Team - Silver Logo

The Botto Team - Window Logo


The Botto Team has since used their logo on various postcards, newspaper advertisements, clothing items, beach balls, and many more to promote their event sponsorship and their enthusiastic community spirit.

This was just a small peek into my logo redesign process. If you’re looking to rebrand your business, let’s chat about how we can make your business stand out.

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